Yellow Dog Brewing Co, Canada (Reviewed by Kyle Cameron)


Play Dead IPA, ABV: 6.8%, IBU: 75
Light carbonation, the head dissipates quick as a quick thing. Colour is pale to slight amber hue. About the same colour as the morning after…

Intense green hops on the nose, like green as in green grass, not entirely desirable. Kind of like a father in laws piercing gaze… Intensity is not always a good thing…

Lucky for the beer though, a little time and that intensity wanes into a slightly fruitier characteristic and becomes more desirable and less full on “hey guys, let’s go eat those lawn clippings in the back garden”.

Palate weight is light, dry and clean. Bitterness dissipates quickly. Short finish. Very little going on in the way of malt driven flavour, which is fairly typical in an IPA, but you are allowed a little flavour, probably because of the lack of carbonation. Carbonation is important, the fizz does so much more than make you bloated and coat your “fully sick” Magnum PI. It brings out the delicate flavours you can’t see and bulks out the body of a beer, making it more palatable. Take away that carbonation, and the body weight is left naked in the street, cold, and wondering how it got here? And why is it covered in grass clippings?

Yes, if this beer had a bit more body, a little more “spritz” and a little more balanced hopping, it would be an outstanding offering.

Finale: A good beer, not great, but good. And the world needs good stuff, it reminds you of what’s not so good, and it makes you long for what is truly great. And that is important.

2.5 stars

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Contact: Charmaine Hawke, Karori, Wellington
Phone: +64 4 476 6460
Mobile: +64 27 549 0932

Member of The Travel Brokers, division of Helloworld (NZ) Limited, 66 Wyndham Street, Auckland.

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