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Friday March 18th saw the Hop Abroad Wellington team take on the “Wet your whistle in Welly” tour, you may ask why we had not done this before and there is no good reason as to why so we set out to rectify this situation.
10am saw us at the first of our stops, Parrot Dog. This brewery in Vivian Street has gone from strength to strength in the last 2 years and produces some very tasty brews. The knowledgeable staff are happy to talk you through the range they have on tap and discuss upcoming brews.

From Parrot Dog we went out to Upper Hutt to do a tour of Kereru Brewery. Despite hailing from Boston Chris and Natasha have a love of English style beers and this influences their brewing strongly. At the recent ICY Wingz challenge their Imperial Nibs porter was a deserved winner. Located in the old Feltex lino the brewery has plenty of room to expand and if they keep winning award they will certainly need to do that. I was also introduced to the disposable plastic keg for export, in a coals to Newcastle scenario Imperial Nibs is not being exported to the UK.

The Art of Pizza was our stop for lunch, the food and atmosphere (helped by a good drop provided by Kereru) in both the restaurant and courtyard is relaxed and friendly. Coincidentally this is where the coconut Kereru use in their For Greater Justice and Imperial Nibs porters is roasted.

A short drive back toward Wellington takes you to Baylands Brewery in Petone. Starting life in a garage on Baylands Drive, hence the name, this brewery has grown exponentially in the last 2 years and they are now located near Pack & Save. The taps pour an eclectic mix of American style beers and English Stouts as well as providing supplies for the home brewer. They have regular home brewer evenings and even turn one tap over to a home brew they think will be enjoyed by their clients and also support the local community with monthly karma kegs at The Queen of Jackson.

Next stop on the tour is the iconic Garage Project in Aro Valley, or hipster central as we like to call in Wellington. Located in an old petrol station this is probably one of New Zealand’s best experimental brewery, what the team here can’t turn into beer probably shouldn’t.

Their Pernicious Weed was the first craft beer I tried, ambitious you may say I would say foolish as this beer packs a hoppy punch and made me question why anyone would drink something so awful. I am pleased to say this is now one of my favourite beers but I still get a laugh every time I take a sip remembering how silly my first thoughts were.

Because they are a small brewery the taps change constantly so you never know from one visit to the next what you will get. The core range, such as it is, will always be pouring on at least one tap though.

Final stop is Tuatara’s tap room in Wellington, The Temple of Taste. This building on Karo Drive is impossible to miss due to the large Tuatara on its side. Located inside is a micro-brewery and tasting room pouring not only Tuatara but a range of other local Wellington and New Zealand brews. Here you select four beers from the range on tap for a final tasting.

JB our driver and guide is a passionate sports fan and beer lover who loves to show off our city and beer scene. Just don't ask him about the Phoenix.

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