Moon Under Water Brewery (Reviewed by Kyle Cameron)


Part one of a beer review series of Moon Under Water Brewery based in Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada culminating in a review of a trip to the brewery itself.
Dark Side of the Moon - Oatmeal Session Stout
ABV: 4.2%, IBU: NA

Black as the inside of your cat that's for sure. Viscosity is present. Has a "thickness" to it, a texture if you will that says "go on, take a sip". Ok beer, jeeze hold your horses, I'm getting there, I just need to finish the colour segment. Low Carbonation, head falls away quickly. Darker brown hue to the foam.

Intense on the nose. Dark cocoa notes, almost a little lactose if had to guess. Like a milk stout with cocoa nibs on the nose. Quite prominent for the lower alcohol. Now let’s have a drink of it, I’ve been typing this looking at the beer for way to long. (Curse my complete lack of dextrerity, typing has never been kind to me...)

Woah, chocolate. Lots of dark chocolate. Instantly reminded me of Whittaker’s Dark Ghana, which is badass chocolate, so I'm a fan. It has a sweet edge, no hop bitterness to be seen, but the bitterness from the chocolate really cuts what little sweet edges there are. These guys know how to indeed make a stout sessionable, I could have another one of these no sweat.

The beer itself is not aggressive, nor openly complex. What it is, is simplistic sessionable beer made to appeal, and it appeals to me to be honest. Not overly sweet or dry, no bitterness (from the hops at least) and those cocoa flavours are leading me through the beer like a horse leads me to water (or however that line goes).

4 stars

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Contact: Charmaine Hawke, Karori, Wellington
Phone: +64 4 476 6460
Mobile: +64 27 549 0932

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