Ballast Point - Grapefruit Sculpin (Reviewed by Kyle Cameron)


Grapefruit Sculpin (IPA with Natural Grapefruit Flavours), ABV: 7%, IBU: 70
Very light carbonation, dissipates quickly. Pale hue, standard IPA sort of colouring really…

Intensity starts hard, as we would expect from Ballast Point. These guys are known for knowing how to use hops. Present nose very floral, fruit driven, with that tartness from the grapefruit coming through both on the nose and palate

The palate is like sex, but it tastes better. Smooth, no faults, just even bitterness that builds slowly but not intimidatingly. Capture’s your attention, like a great IPA should. The finish is not as long as I would have hoped to be honest, leading me into needing another mouthful now to remind myself of what just happened, so hang on a sec fellas and fellesses (glug… sigh)

Intense but not intense, aggressive but chill. These are words. Yes.

Example: If someone goes “Hey Kyle. What exactly is a technically proficient example of a robust yet delicate IPA that will entertain yet not overdrive my senses that I could use as a base point to compare similar beers of the same BJCP style guidelines..?”

…And I would certainly say “Ballast Point Sculpin and its flavoured subsidiaries, you could do no wrong. Now stop asking me these ridiculous questions son, you’re 12 for goodness sake”.

Finale: This beer is worth your time, if you can find it or you get the chance to get to a bar that serves it (or heaven forbid the brewery itself) then you’ll be pleased you did. This is the benchmark. The only thing I could have wanted a dash more of is in the finish, it’s so clean. But then you just take another mouthful, which I’m guessing is what they were going for. So a moot point.

A brilliant beer, definitely not saying you can’t find better, but if you do find a more technically made IPA, then let me know, because it’s gotta be good.

4.5 stars

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